About Me

Hi! I’m David, often found online as edmistond.

I’m an experienced polyglot software developer who’s worked across the entire stack in a variety of languages.

I’ve been in the industry for many years and have a track record of consistently delivering projects with substantial business value to my employers and to our clients.

I’ve found that I’m happiest when I’m working on interesting, challenging technical problems that offer opportunities to explore new things professionally. Those opportunities could be things like mentoring less experienced developers, helping them to realize their potential and to level up their skills. Or, they could be opportunities for me to acquire new skills – whether that’s a new-to-me language or framework, or learning about a new business domain. I also very much enjoy opportunities to have a significant, positive impact on the organizaiton.

Outside of the office, I make an effort to be involved with the technical community in Cleveland, attending a couple of meetups, and can be frequently found in both the Cleveland Tech Slack group as well as the Deaf Professionals Slack group. On a personal level, I have interests in photography and make an effort to spend time with my family.

Some things I’ve built:
  • Corporate intranet site designed information more visible to those in the company who might need it.
  • Material Safety Data Sheet intranet application designed to make information on various industrial chemicals quickly accessible to chemists, engineers, and technicians.
  • B2B customer self-service portal for checking inventory, submitting orders, and checking on order shipment status, using XMLHttprequest and XSLT to build client side applications before ‘AJAX’ was a thing.
  • Multiple online ordering systems for multiple telecom clients allowing customers to assemble a bundle of cable services.
  • Multiple sweepstakes and marketing campaign applications, including many with a lot of interactivity and user engagement. Several were also client-side, backed by an API.
  • In-house scripts for creating and uploading delta deployments of ASP.NET applications rather than the entire application, due to client requirements to only upload changed files.
  • Command-line applications for deployment to remote servers for scheduled parsing of XML files from clients.
Other things I’ve done:
  • Advocated to introduce better engineering practices, such as database migrations for faster and more reliable deployments.
  • Pushed to introduce source control tools, like git, that were a better fit to the way we worked with our clients.
  • Worked closely with our project managers and account executives to deliver value to our clients as rapidly as possible.
  • Assisted our project managers and account executives in drafting proposals for our clients.
  • When necessary, worked with clients directly to better understand their problems, or when standing in for project managers while that position was vacant or they were unavailable.
  • Most recently, acted as lead developer on a project to revitalize a complex legacy application where the original team was no longer available and stabilize it to the point that the organization is able to continue to maintain it while deciding how to move forward with it.
Languages and platforms I’ve worked with:
  • C# - ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, also command line applications
  • JavaScript - in browser and Node.js, Express.js web applications
  • SQL - primarily Microsoft SQL Server
  • Python and Ruby - primarily command-line scripting