About Me

Hi! I’m David, often found online as edmistond.

I’m an experienced polyglot software developer who’s worked across the entire stack in a variety of languages. I’ve been in the industry for over two decades now, with a track record of consistently delivering projects with substantial business value to my employers and to our clients.

As an experinced senior developer, I take a pragmatic, learning-oriented approach to software development. I believe strongly that:

I’m happiest when I’m working on interesting, challenging technical problems with a major business impact, and which push me to explore new things - whether that’s a new business domain, a new framework, or a new programming language. Even better is when I get to do those things while maintaining a fast release cadence; seeing your code in production quickly is extremely satisfying, and code that’s finished but not deployed to production is waste. I am very much an advocate of the view that code should be deployed as frequently as possible in as small of a changeset as possible; ideally within minutes of merging it into your main branch.

Outside the office, I make an effort to get involved with the technical community in Cleveland, where I frequently attend the Cleveland .NET User Group’s meetings, as well as a few other local groups. I’m also frequently found in the Cleveland Tech Slack community as well as the Deaf Professionals community. On a personal level, I make an effort to spend time with my family (as do we all :)) and maintain an occasional interest in photography.

Some things I’ve built in my career:

Other things I’ve done:

Languages and Platforms I’ve worked with:

Conferences I’ve Attended (Say hi if you were there!)