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Housekeeping Notes

The blog lives! Some minor housekeeping notes:

  • There is now a link to my Mastodon profile in the header. I glance at Twitter now and again, but rarely post there anymore since I am not one of Space Karen’s greater admirers. I’ve also actually set this up to show that the account is indeed mine as linked on the site. Mastodon makes that pretty painless, which is nice.
  • I may attempt to post more frequently! There are technologies I want to learn, and I should blog the process of doing so. Specifically, I’m interested in learning more about dotnet MAUI, and I’ve already hit pain points trying to get the basic templates up and running that I think would make for a good post.
  • In between this post and my previous post in 2021 I’ve changed jobs, and am now a Principal Software Engineer for a large consulting company. I don’t typically talk about my employer very much, but I do love the culture here.
  • Speaking of that previous post, I continue to love my M1 Mac and Apple continues to get impressive performance from their Apple Silicon chips. My biggest annoyance with the original M1 MBP is the limited support for external displays; however, I’ve tested it with a Targus USB-C DisplayLink dock and found it painless, so that is a good work-around if needed.