Flattening a List

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Getting back to writing articles after spending the better part of a month fighting off a sinus infection and helping my wife get over a nasty cold. Normally I love northeast Ohio, but I’m so over winter right now. I read a post a month or so ago asking why it’s so difficult for programmers to write code to flatten a list… so naturally, this got me thinking about it and I wanted to tackle it. Read More...

Bank Transactions with Ramda, part 2

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When we left off, we’d gotten our data imported from the CSV, run a map operation on it to add some extra metadata, demonstrated how to use Ramda to filter it, and had a quick demonstration of simple currying. Let’s move on. To recap, this is where we’re starting from: const fs = require('fs'); const csv = require('fast-csv'); const R = require('ramda'); function getTransactionsFromFile(fname) { return new Promise(async (resolve, reject) => { if (! Read More...

Parsing Bank Transactions With Ramda Js

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Recently, I’d wanted to sort through a bunch of transaction data from my bank to figure out what our spending trends were in a couple of areas. I suppose I could’ve done this quite effectively with Excel or Apple Numbers, but then I said, hey, that’s boring. :) I’ve been doing a lot of documentation and research stuff at work lately and really wanted to get my hands on a little toy project for a change of pace. Read More...